Bukoff Home Site and Tomb

Thora Elizabeth Melkild Bukoff
March 23, 1923 - Nov 5, 2006

Family Gathering and Memorial Service to Honor Thora
Northport, Michigan
July 20-21, 2007

Friday night picnic at the city park

Memorial Service at Bethany Lutheran Church

Interment at the cemetery

Gathering at Margot & John's

This bunch of Bukoff's saying "hello"
to Annie Bukoff Beener, Irvin, Cathy & Michael Beener

Video may start and stop first time through. Replay it and it should flow smoothly.

The Bukoff side of the family gathers for a group photo

Russell Bukoff & Jeffrey Yap, Roderick & Marcelle Bukaiev, David & Marilyn Priddy, Ronald Bukoff, Cheryl Bukoff, Allen & Janice Bukoff.

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