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The first domain name we ever registered was "" July 29, 1995.

We had been on AOL (America Online) for a while and were convinced that this online/internet thing was going to be a huge deal ... change the world. We didn't know how to bypass AOL to get a direct connection to THE INTERNET (or "world wide web"), however. We wanted to be part of this big new phenomenon, but we didn't know anyone else who was on the internet, and we didn't know anyone who could help us. Janice went looking and found a book that showed us how to use a Mac to setup a REAL internet connection (via a phone modem!). It was a struggle, but we got there -- just as the internet was really starting to take off.

It was a wild new world in which you needed a "browser" program to visually "surf" the web. There were two browsers at the time, Mosaic and a new commercial upstart, Netscape. Netscape was catching the wave to internet fame and riches. After getting on the internet, our next ambition was to create our own websites and to host them under our own domain name. Figuring all of that out was an even bigger and more tedious nerd struggle than just getting on the internet, but once again we got there. Brainstorming possible domain names -- our sense of humor -- led us to "," which turned out to be available. So we registered it. And here you are all these years later! And just to make this a little more personal, you should know that is hosted on a server in our house. So you're sneaking into our house and we're probably here too -- knocking about, working in the garden, making dinner, sleeping, or surfing the internet. We're happy to have you! Welcome -- from Allen Bukoff and Janice Putman!

So what can I see here at
Over the years we've built many different websites and web pages and hosted them under a variety of different domain names (e.g.,, pinpunk,org, ... until we now have a haphazard and far-flung empire of websites/webpages. A few of the main websites hosted on are listed below. Our nostalgic favorite is The Bathrooms of Madison County. This was the second website we ever created and launched -- a gentle parody of the Academy Award winning The Bridges of Madison County, one of the most popular Hollywood movies of that era. This little narrative website got a bit of attention and received some minor recognition and awards.

We've also listed several other websites hosted on that you may or may not might find interesting, or charming, or notable for their early-internet style and simplicity. No guarantees. No money back.
A six-page love story
The Iowa Bukoffs
Mom's paintings
Mom at Mayo Clinic

Some of the other major domains in our internet empire.
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