Chapter Three. Rendezvous with Clint. Armed with our map, Janice and I traveled the gravel roads of Madison County visiting the covered bridges. Hogback Bridge. Cedar Bridge. Holliwell Bridge. A romantic adventure! Janice was batting her eyes and vamping. We stopped and took pictures, often jockeying with other couples for use of the photographic space.

We got hungry. So we headed back into Winterset. Drove around the square. We liked the looks of The Northside Cafe so we walked in there and sat down on some stools at the counter. Breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches and onion rings. German tourists. We discovered that this cafe was one of the settings of the movie and that Janice had walked in and sat down on the very stool that Clint Eastwood sits on in the movie.

It was bathroom time, again. Too much Diet Coke.

Northside Cafe
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